Note: You may need to refresh the browser for the game to function. I also noticed sometimes that input isn't registering until you click on the game. Keep that in mind.

I've also been told that Chrome might have trouble seeing the gremlins. I had done all my playtesting on Firefox, so try that browser.

You are Rev! Defend your airship from gremlins!

Rev must protect his ship's propellers, engine, and himself from the gremlins. He has 5 minutes until he arrives at his destination. Protect the ship and himself until the end.

Left and Right Arrow Keys - Move

Z or Up Arrow - Jump

X - Fire

Down arrow - Descend through platform (if any)

There are 3 type of gremlins. White ones will actively be sabotaging the ship until attacked. Blue ones will shoot at Rev - they're slow otherwise. Green ones will charge in and attack Rev - they have more HP.

Good luck!

Spriting, programming, music and sound making all done by Vagak.

Engine: Construct 2

Music-making program: LMMS

VSTs used in music making:

DSK DrumZ 8BitZ -

Famisynth II -"

Fonts used:

Neuropol X -

White Rabbit -

Sounds generated by and

Help support the Vinesauce Charity Event at July 21-23rd! It will provide money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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